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Ben Williams, Group Finance Director – Learnlight Software

"I hadn’t heard of Mallory Partners before they placed me in my current position. I’ve always instinctively leaned towards the larger recruitment firms but, when you’re looking for a particular role type that’s what you search for, and their name came up against this particular one.

From the word go they were very responsive. Martin was always accessible and provided me with one of the most detailed specifications I’ve ever seen. More than just what the responsibilities would be, he outlined where the role would fit, the organisational structure, and much more. It was a nice pack and really useful.

He was also really great in helping me prepare for the interviews, two of which took place via Skype. He briefed me on the personalities and what to look out for, which helped when I wasn’t in the room to pick up on body language. You have to work harder with your voice on a Skype interview, as you can’t express yourself in the same way as you can when you’re in the room.

When I had to wait a week for a decision after the final interview, Martin was also great in terms of staying in touch and providing reassurance – even when that was simply to say that he hadn’t heard anything. Almost as soon as I started, I needed to call on them to help me fill a role and Martin put me in touch with his colleague Ed – who had the same, responsive approach. It’s clearly part of the culture of Mallory Partners and the way they all work.

Mallory Partners were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. It’s a very personal service and, unlike bigger recruitment firms - which can feel a bit impersonal and inflexible in the way they work - I felt they genuinely cared about me and my career, rather than seeing me as just a number.

I’ll definitely use them again in the future."

Ben Williams, Group Finance Director - Learnlight Software