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David Plumb, Director of Innovation – The University of Warwick

"This was my first experience of Mallory Partners. I’d spoken with them a few times in recent years, but either the role or the timing was not right. But this one was. I liked that they listened to my career and what my priorities were. They shared not only details of the role, but what the university really wanted, the people, values and culture. They were up front about the pros and cons too – giving me fair picture of the role to see if it matched my aspirations.

Throughout the process I was well briefed before and after each interview. Even though it was a three month process, it felt quick; they managed my expectations well and kept me informed at each stage. I built a good relationship with Jeremy and I trusted him. It felt very different to processes I’d been through with other agencies, where sometimes it felt they were desperate just to fill a vacancy. Mallory Partners really do their homework so that they understand you and your career, They ask insightful questions and it feels like it’s about matching values and aspirations of the individual with the role, which works well for both sides. Eight months in and I am really happy. The role is exactly how they pitched it to me."

David Plumb, Director of Innovation - The University of Warwick

University of Warwick