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Giri Fox, Vice President – HyperGrid

"When Chris first contacted me about the role of European Sales Lead for HyperGrid, I was careful to not get excited too soon. HyperGrid is a start-up based in San Jose, California, providing a cloud management platform. While start-ups are exciting, they naturally come with greater risk - so I did extensive due diligence on them, both on the phone and in person. Throughout this time I appreciated Chris’s constant support and his facilitation of the calls and meetings, including him working well into the evening to bridge the time difference with the US West Coast. The pace of the process was good. Chris was professional, he kept it moving but was never pushy or self-serving; he never tried to push me – just offered balanced, factual opinions about the role and what it could offer.

I’ve been in the role for five weeks and it’s great. I have already asked Mallory Partners to help me find a solution architect and Chris quickly found us a great candidate - someone who completely met the brief. That’s twice he has found exactly the right candidate for HyperGrid. It’s not easy to do in the tech sector, because it’s such a complicated field; two superficially appropriate candidates could have massive differences in their applicable experience and character. The challenge for recruiters is to be certain who’s a great candidate and who’s not. Chris got under the skin of the brief and weeded out those who appeared appropriate but weren’t, so he didn’t waste our time. That’s the sign of a great search talent."

Giri Fox - Vice President, UK & EMEA - HyperGrid