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Karen Terry-Weymouth, Director of HR Strategy – University of Warwick

"“This was my first experience of dealing with Mallory Partners, in fact I hadn’t actually heard of them before. If I had, I would almost certainly have contacted them because they’re a Midlands firm offering a search-based service and they focus on the kinds of organisations and roles that are relevant to me.

I’d seen notice of the role on LinkedIn and gave them a ring. They were personable, professional and friendly and followed up very quickly with more details and a request to meet – particularly given the fact that the deadline was still some way off. There was no spin. They were very honest about the role, how they felt I would fit into the business and anything that the university might be keen to ask me in terms of my experience.

The whole process was very smooth – and swift. I felt well briefed ahead of the interviews and, at one point when there was a slight delay, they were proactive in putting my mind at rest and keeping me informed.

I do a lot of recruitment with a varied range of agencies who are not always as attentive or proactive as Mallory Partners have been. I suspect they would be as attentive to me if I were a client as they were when I was a candidate. It feels to me that they hold the best interests of both the hiring organisation and the candidates at the heart of what they are doing. If they thought a candidate-client combination wasn’t a good fit they’d be upfront about that, rather than simply trying to get a placement to secure their fee.”"

Karen Terry-Weymouth, Director of HR Strategy - University of Warwick

University of Warwick