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Lynette Gilbey, Head of Business Intelligence – RICS

"I first came into contact with Mallory Partners in 2015, when they placed me in my dream job. It was a contract role and it went really well, with the contract being extended - before I moved on to another position. What I liked about Martin, Jeremy and the team from that first experience was that, instead of just slotting you into a role - as is so often the case with recruiters, they got to know me and matched me to a role and company that really suited me and where they thought I would do well. This is clearly a long-term strategy for them as, late last year, Martin gave me a call about what is now my new role at RICS. He really had thought through the nature of the role, my strengths and how it could be the perfect match.

During the process, Martin regularly checked in on me to make sure I had done my research and he filled me in on the background to the role and people I was going to meet. On the day, he made sure I knew I was going and checked in afterwards to find out how it had gone. Although the interview process was actually very quick, the offer stage took quite a long time, but Martin was really helpful here. In particular, he negotiated for me to ensure that my work-life balance, which is really important to me, was written into my contract. I have become used to working four long and intense days, but then having Friday off. This became something of a barrier to moving into a new role, as it’s not always an easy conversation to have with a potential new employer. Having Martin leading that conversation for me was really helpful."

Lynette Gilbey, Head of Business Intelligence - RICS