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Martin Collar – Cyan Technology

"Mallory Partners recently put me forward for a senior management role with a Cambridge technology company. Throughout the process, they handled my application in a very professional and thorough manner. Firstly, Martin Luise was keen to ensure that I met the requirements of the role. He then went on to make sure he put my application forward in the best possible light, eliciting substantiating evidence for each of his client’s requirements. Once through to interview stage, Martin was again very supportive, providing clear and detailed information on the process itself, along with additional information from the client as and when it became available. I feel that this support definitely contributed to my success in securing the position.

I would strongly recommend Mallory Partners to both prospective clients and candidates. From my experience, they address the needs of the client in sourcing suitable candidates whilst also supporting the candidates through the selection process."

Martin Collar, VP Operations & Development, Cyan Technology

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