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Neal Holden, Business Unit Director – Bureau Veritas

""Mallory Partners were excellent. It is the best experience I had with a headhunting firm.

"I get a lot of approaches by LinkedIn and theirs really stood out because it was both very detailed, but it actually also left me thinking - which was intriguing. I was happy in my job at the time so put it to one side, but it stayed in my mind and a few days I had cause to reconsider to I picked up the phone. They acted swiftly and I met with Martin and Jeremy very quickly. Again, they provided much more detail than I would normally expect from a head hunter at this early stage. Often you get only half the story but I felt well-informed and left under no illusions about the role and they asked enough about me and my experience for it to be clear that there was a good match.

"The process was quite long but I felt Mallory Partners managed my expectations well and prepared me for each stage, coaching me ahead of each meeting, calling immediately afterwards and providing feedback in both directions. At no stage did I feel disengaged. Their thoroughness and genuine interest in me enabled me to be completely transparent with them, much more so than I've ever felt before about a recruitment firm, which enabled me to communicate my thoughts and questions honestly, leading to a better process on both sides.""

Neal Holden, Business Unit Director - Bureau Veritas

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