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Rachel Sandby Thomas, Registrar – The University of Warwick

""I was urged to call Mallory Partners by a trusted former colleague when the University decided to look for an Innovation Director. At the time we had already gone to market for a Commercial Director too. At the first meeting I was struck by how intently Martin and Jeremy listened and the perceptive nature of their questions. By this point, we'd had some initial interviews for the Commercial Director role and realised that we weren't attracting the right calibre of candidate, so we handed both roles to Mallory Partners who worked with us to redefine the briefs and get them out to their networks.

"I'm not even sure the role of Innovation Director even exists elsewhere in Higher Education, so there was nothing for them to compare with - but that didn't seem to matter. They simply got it and I really liked that. What was particularly interesting was the long list of candidates they came up with. It included people we wouldn't necessarily have thought of and it struck me how deft Martin and Jeremy were at understanding what we really needed and matching that to a set of skills and experience. We got really good results from the initial candidate meetings and we're delighted with both hires. I thought they paid a lot of attention to us, as clients, and were thoughtful and considered. They also helped us to resolve a challenge (of our own making), making sure the candidates' expectations and experience of the process were well managed. We know we put them into bind, but they were brilliant.

"Mallory Partners are also really good at adding colour to the person of the profile and will come off the fence and give an opinion then if they believe strongly in particular candidate. This is unusual and it's really helpful. You don't feel you're being forced to choose and you feel safe in their hands.""

Rachel Sandby Thomas, Registrar - The University of Warwick

University of Warwick