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Scotty Morgan, Chief Sales Officer – CSI Ltd

""Having worked in private equity for a number of years, at board level, I found myself in the common position, post-acquisition by a larger corporate, where I no longer had the level of authority and decision-making capability that I was used to.  Open discussions were had about the fact that I wanted to move on and, around this time, Chris made contact with me in respect of a couple of opportunities, which weren't right for me - but they gave us a chance to start building a relationship.

Having met Chris, I liked him and we've built a solid relationship based on brutal honesty. We discussed potential opportunities that I wanted to pursue and reviewed the market, qualifying my view that I did not want to remain in a corporate environment but return to a private equity business, of a certain size, that I could get my arms around. Chris put a few things forward to help me understand the market and, in early April, he introduced me to Simon Payne, CEO of CSI Ltd. Simon has an obvious respect for Mallory Partners and it's telling that, even when he and I started to build a relationship directly, Simon still kept Mallory Partners copied in throughout.

Chris clearly knows the tech market extremely well and collectively, the Mallory Partners team have vast PE experience which got us over the line. Overall, Mallory Partners is approachable, professional and the team acts with integrity. I would work with them again 100% and would highly recommend them. Chris himself is affable, friendly and easy to deal with - his openness is refreshing and his ability to collaborate with his colleagues to ensure the best outcome for the candidate and the client is invaluable.“

Scotty Morgan, Chief Sales Officer - CSI Ltd