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Tom Phipps, Partner – Chiltern Capital

"Mallory Partners support us with our C-suite resourcing needs across new investments and our existing portfolio companies, so we speak regularly. We always have in mind a particular type of individual, skills and experience profile for each investment situation. Mallory Partners combine a strong understanding of SMEs with the needs of private equity investors extremely well. They appreciate that many of the SMEs that we invest in typically don’t have sophisticated financial systems or large teams so we need our candidates to offer a combination of strategic capability, intellectual curiosity and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and get things done. Mallory get this balance right far more often than not.

Mallory Partners are good at reading behind the words of a CV and referencing widely, to ensure there is a genuine match. They are not afraid to express a view and they can pretty accurately identify the candidates that will work for us. An endorsement of a candidate from Jeremy or Martin is valued. Even if someone doesn’t necessarily come across on paper, if Martin or Jeremy recommend we see them - then we see them.

We have a good, open and robust relationship. Jeremy, Martin and the team understand the calibre of candidates we need and that time is finite for us - so they don’t waste our time with anything other than a well-researched shortlist.

Mallory Partners offer a good range of C-suite recruitment experience and broad sector knowledge - and they use it well when looking for candidates. They’ve been doing what they do a long time. They are well connected in mid-market private equity which is beneficial as it can expedite a search process. They turn things around quickly and respond with sensible candidates, bringing constructive input to the process, identifying the right candidate quickly and accurately. Moreover, they are nice guys to deal with, who are prepared to invest time understanding their clients, willing to offer an opinion and they will work hard to ensure they deliver good candidates."

Tom Phipps, Partner - Chiltern Capital